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"Crazy" is the new Beautiful

“Crazy” is the new Beautiful

“Crazy” is the new Beautiful

By: Lizzie Elsberg

A few weeks ago, I got back my first paper since returning to school. My professor wrote, “you seem to be a very non-linear thinker” along the bottom of the last page. Being naturally inquisitive, and worried that “non-linear” was bad (despite the 100% that was scrolled right next to the comment), I asked my teacher what she meant. Long story short,…

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Prioritizing Values

Prioritizing Values By: Hollyn Donovan


Recovery is a new world for me. It’s a world that I’m entering slowly but surely and yet with more confidence this time around. With recovery comes new points of view, new coping skills, a new mental state, and new priorities. That “new priorities” part is something I’ve been working on a lot lately. I’ve been making self-care a much grater priority in…

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Coping Skill: Create a sacred space.

Coping Skill: Create a sacred space.


Life is chaotic. Life is stressful. You deserve a space that is JUST for you.

I firmly believe that everyone needs a place they can call sacred in their lives. This place is a refuge, void of drama and chaos where you can retreat to rejuvenate; to be you and only you.

Your sacred space needs to bring you peace. This might involve your favorite decorations, activities that you enjoy, things that…

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Poetry Revival Day 1 “A Better Day”

Poetry Revival Day 1 “A Better Day”

A Better Day

By: Erin Elizabeth Casey

 There is nothing quite like a better day after a string of rough ones

Relief after it feels like the world is weighing down on you tons

There is nothing like a better day

A day like today

Nothing spectacular happened in any way

But again I felt like Erin today

I went to class and did just fine

And then I kept going without decline

Today was a better day


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A letter to those judging me (or someone else)…. right now.

A letter to those judging me (or someone else)…. right now.

Dear haughty, super sophisticated, “I’m better than you” folks,

568da999e957e9f81b823498c525f61bPlease take your place on the social latter far above my head and label me whatever you want. I don’t care. In fact doing so makes it that much easier for me to distinguish with whom who I find it worth spending my time. So, continue talking about me, rolling your eyes, snickering, gossiping, and spending all of your time and energy…

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Another change to keep me going…

Another change to keep me going…

Another change to keep me going… By: Christina Calhoun

imagesThere are so many things in this world that are helping me to stay sober, to stay healthy, but a new one has risen, and I am excited to share.

My husband and I recently discovered that we are expecting our first child.

I have always had a desire to be a mother, I think it stemmed from helping my mom with my younger brother. But now, more…

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The Voice Within…Listen

The Voice Within…Listen

The Voice Within…Listen by Denise Kirschner

reflectionAre you there? Can you hear me? Can you see me? What are you doing? Why do you continue to do this to us…to me? You know what I am talking about. You are using behaviors again. How many times are you going to put me through this? Commit to recovery and just stop this.

I know you are unhappy, but you need to stop taking it out on me. I understand that…

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Suicide: Pre Suicide Prevention Week Thoughts.

Suicide: Pre Suicide Prevention Week Thoughts.

FBprofile2014 Suicide is actually something that I think about a lot. It’s pervasive in our culture. We try to ignore it, rationalize it, discredit it, run from it, stuff it into a compartment or the like; but it simply can’t be done.

We talk about it as though it’s foreign; in reality though it’s common. Be it in thought, media or literature, horrific personal tragedy, or talk. It’s dark that’s for sure and…

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Feeling like a failure.

Feeling like a failure.

I feel like a failure at least once every single day. Maybe it’s because my room isn’t clean enough or my hair won’t go the “right” way or I spent money on something that I shouldn’t; it’s a fact that I constantly fail to meet my own expectations. That is not a fun place to be. It’s actually miserable.

Some people say that having high expectations for yourself leads to high performance. To a…

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